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2007-04-05 02:20:44 : Work In Progress version update
Run the cryon updater to get the first release candidate for the 0.2.0 version of the engine. This version still needs some tweaks but no major features will be added anymore. See README.txt in the main directory for the list of changes.
2007-02-17 23:55:53 : Developer tools
The last screenshot shows some developer tools we're about to use to tune the game rendering. You can also see that the guilib has become pretty rich and allows to do some decent interfaces. We've also added bitmap font support to improve the aspect of the fonts.
2007-01-26 23:38:39 : 0.2.0 news
The new game menu is almost finished. You can check the screenshot section to see an early version.

This implied a big cleaning of the guilib code to have a layout manager capable of doing this... And some new widgets (like a combo box).

There is still some polishing work to do on the 0.2.0, but I can already hear the 0.2.1 coming, the one which will bring weapons and space fights to this more-than-four-years old technical demo :)

2007-01-20 00:11:16 : Updated web site
The "about" and "features" pages have been completely rewritten. This is part of an effort to improve the whole site for the 0.2.0 release.
2007-01-16 21:42:24 : News from the front
Once again, the 0.2.0 release has been postponed.
From the current perspective, it should be there next month (feb 2007), but you never know, it could as well be still delayed if we decide that another round of polishing is necessary.

The good news is there will be some new sexy features in the language :
- conditional compilation
- stack paradigm for dynamic arrays
- easy array iteration with foreach keyword
- new built-in associative arrays

Concerning the artistic part, textures have been refined even further. You can take look at them in the screenshot section.

We are also redesigning the main game menu.

The 0.2.0 will be the first official 'stable' release and we've never been so close... Keep posted... ;)